Event Management & Tourism

Broadsheet marketing is a standard name in event management and tourism. Our energetic team is expert in pouring colors into your events and filling your tours with joy with perfect management and planning. Sometimes, when you want to celebrate an event but have no spare time to arrange it perfectly, our premium services are there to get you free of any tension and organize the event for you. Similarly, if you want to go out on tour but have no knowledge of tour management, our tourism department will take you there where your sour get in peace.

What Our Team Provide

We will collaborate with you to plan the event, adhering to your vision and concepts. We’ll set up all of the necessary equipment and services.  We are involved in every aspect of your event, from lighting to sound, catering to entertainment, digital material display to special effects, photography and video recording to transportation.

Tour Management

Employees, investors, and business partners are motivated by incentive tours and executive retreats. Increase your performance and corporate recognition, improve business relationships, and gain consumer loyalty with Broadsheet’s unique joyful tours.

Pakistan is a travel paradise, with magnificent places of different colors and shapes. Looking for stunning beaches and exotic islands serviced by lodgings that never fail to provide luxury and relaxation? Pakistan has a plethora of them. Have you ever fantasized about touring ancient enchanted palaces that evoke a sense of adventure and discovery? It all starts here in the ancient cities of Pakistan, Multan and Lahore. The skilled specialists at Broadsheet Marketing will plan the trip that is most appropriate for your event.

These opportunities are mixed and matched in our programs, which are customized to your tastes. You can pick between a one-day or two-day tour, with groups as small as 10individuals and as large as 100 people.

Our Services for Event Management

      • Design
      • Staging
      • Lighting
      • Sound
      • AV & LED Screens
      • Special Effects
      • Hall Decoration
      • Catering Service
      • Entertainment
      • Video & Photography